Ozone Oxygen High Dose Therapy (OHT) - according to lahodny

The way in a new world of medicine.

Ozone Therapy is used since many years. In the past, ozone therapy was just known as the large ozone autohaemotherapy. Whereby 220 ml blood was taken from the arm vein and enriched with 200 ml ozone in a concentration of 40 µg/per milliliter. The ozone rich blood was reinjected into the patient. Thereafter the therapy was completed. Worldwide it is common practice to only reinject ozone enriched blood once per treatment. Generally 1-2 treatments are done per week.

By treating with the large ozone autohaemotherapy an improved capillary circulation, removal of rouleau formation, improved well being as well as an improved body‘s defense can be seen. It is always reported that after repeated reinjection in one session hemolysis as well as life threatening acid-base imbalance can occur. Therefore it is common globally to only extract blood and reinject with ozone once. I personally never agreed on this. Besides I had expected a more positive effect and recovery when doing a ozone oxygen therapy.

As a dose increase, I aspirated the blood 20 times in a vacuum flask each time enriching the blood with ozone and then reinjecting per session. I tried this 22 times on myself. During this procedure I checked the blood chemical parameters before and after the 20th reinfusion. No blood chemical no clinical deviations could be seen. After several treatments I created as standard therapy the 10-time reinfusion with 70 µg/ml ozone enriched blood per session per patient.

For an uncomplicated treatment process I add 7.500 units of Heparin in the empty vacuum flasks. A half an hour before treatment begin as well as when I start the treatment each patient needs to drink 0.75 liter water or tea. This allows me to take blood 10 times as well as reinjecting without complications. Sometimes infusion objects need to be changed.

I call this form of therapy, that was performed on myself, first world-wide, and not without risk, as Ozone Oxygen High Dose Therapy according to Lahodny.

As a standard treatment I administer 1 ozone oxygen high dose therapy per week throughout 10 weeks. After 10 OHT most ailments are repaired. An OHT needs between 1 and 2 hours depending on the patients vein quality.

In severe illnesses and as tumor therapy OHT is performed daily for up to one month, often in double dose = 20 times blood is taken and reinfused with ozone (L1D) the D stands for double. Ozone high does therapy is combined with a diet and elimination of heavy metals.

With OHT I have discovered a treatment possibility, which often achieves improvement in hopeless cases.

The incredible healing benefits of OHT are based on the increasing mitochondrial activity and stimulation of stem cell activity.

1. Increase in mitochondrial activity

Pain, illness and drop in performance is caused by a lack of energy. Lack of energy is the result of a decrease in energy production. This happens in the mitochondrias. Mitochondria are small bacteria in the human cell. In the mitochondria, the energy molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is formed from H2O (water), glucose and oxygen.

Until the age of 25 mitochondria provide maximum ATP production and therefore maximum performance for humans.
Due to the aging of mitochondria ATP production decreases after the age of 25. Less energy results in a decrease in human performance. Decline in performance is the cause of aging and illness.

Only regular oxygen or ozone supply can maintain the production of ATP in the mitochondria and thus productivity after the age of 25. This is the only way to maintain the effectiveness and performance even in old age and to slow down the aging process.

The OHT related improvement in mitochondrial activity (increase in ATP) production) accounts for more than 50% of unbelievable healing and improved well-being in older age.
Scientific research at the University of Magdeburg and Leipzig have shown that ozone high dose therapy achieves an over 90% increase in ATP production. Such sensational therapeutic results have never before been in medicine. All other medical engineering and medical measures were only able to improve ATP production by 15-10” at best.

2. Increase in stem cell activity

Every person has an immense potential of stem cells and through these stem cells is able to defend and repair itself. The hope and real progress in medicine lies in using the body‘s own stem cells. With the body‘s own stem cells many illnesses are healed within days. Stem cells even have the ability to form new organs.

Until 2015 body own stem cell therapy was only possible by cultivating stem cells out of bone marrow, finger pulp and fatty tissue. The expanded stem cells show incredible therapeutic success after intravenous or local application: wounds, organ disfunction, infections and in obstetric complications – the stem cells heal within 48 hours.

The time of 14 days and the high costs of 50 000 € for each stem cultivation limited the therapy until now and have been the reason for looking for medication that can activate stem cells. A medicament that is able to activate stem cells even through intensive efforts has not been found yet. For the past two decades I have engaged myself with problem of stem cell activation.

Through the ozone high dose therapy I have been the first successful person worldwide who could activate the body‘s own stem cells with the drug ozone in high dose and I saw unbelievable healing.

After administering only one OHT ulcers, wounds and infections healed after only 48 hours. Therefore the same healing process like an intravenous dose of cultivated stem cells. Thus through ozone oxygen administered in a high dose a medical release of all stem cells has to occur.

From stem cell research it is known that each lesion sends peptide signals in the body thus help calls. Through OHT the command is given to all stem cells, to repair each peptide outgoing lesion in the body. The actual miraculous healing is given through the stem cells and not through ozone. Ozone gives all stem cells the command to repair the ill part.

Through OHT I was the first person worldwide to obtain medical stem cell activation. With minimal effort mainstream medicine therapy resistant lesions and all other acute and chronic disorders heal quickly. In the meantime, stem cell activation through OHT has been proven. Studies at the University of Magdeburg and Leipzig have found and proven a 200 – 1200% increase in stem cell activity through OHT.

On more than 2000 patients the therapy success was confirmed by mitochondrial and stem cell action. Already with only one OHT treatment an immediate general extracellular complete detoxification and removal of rouleau formation is seen.

An enormous positive therapeutic effect is seen as the inflammatory cytokine are stopped and the induction of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Stimulation of VEGF (vasendothelial growing factor) and the direct ozone impact lead to creating new blood vessels.

Always after an OHT an increase in T-lymphocytes, the eosinophile granulocytics, the killer cells as well as a decrease in B-lymphocytes can be seen. Through OHT the tissue hormone prostacyclin, is increased by its 10 fold. Only since recently it is known that prostacyclin is a very strong anti-metastases remedy.

In my inaugural ozone oxygen high dose therapy a totally new way of treatment with incredible therapy success is initiated.
This fast healing can hardly be seen with any other form of treatment. If OHT is given daily for one month the stem cell activation can achieve an unexpected organ function improvement.

Ozone Oxygen High Dose Therapy guarantees:
Optimal medical care in the future
Staying healthy up until old age without medication

All systematic disorders send out peptide signals (helping signs). Through the ozone oxygen high dose therapy all stem cells in the body are instructed, all peptide signals sent out need to be helped and repaired. After the activated stem cells in the whole body have reached the ill part that particular tissue cell is transformed and ensure repairing. This is how the ill parts heal often within 48 hours.

The quick healing of all symptomatic, visible and painful, acute and chronic illnesses is the first miraculous principle seen through ozone oxygen induced stem cell therapy.

The second miraculous principle triggered by ozone oxygen is the stem cell therapy healing of all asymptomatic, just starting, for the patient not yet visible and that cannot be felt yet.

The newest physiological knowledge from stem cell research, shows that especially with asymptomatic, just starting not yet perceived by the patient disorders peptide signals are already sending out help calls. Through these peptide signals all stem cells quickly charge to the part that needs to be repaired. That is why when OHT is used no disorders breakout, as during the asymptomatic phase all lesions are already repaired. That is why when OHT is used hardly any disorders break-out, as the patient doesn’t consciously repair lesions during the asymptomatic phase.

Until 2015 I recommended 10 OHT treatments per year, depending on the patients health status. Due to our present catastrophic environmental pollution (radiation, canned and contaminated food) possible illnesses could progress too quickly.
Treating with OHT every 6 months can cure starting illnesses with a great certainty as stem cell- and mitochondrial application illnesses recognize and eliminate.

Therefore, I suggest two OHT treatments with 6-month intervals – this is the safest way to keep healthy.
After a period of 6 months a second OHT should be implemented. This therapy should be repeated every following year.

With no other existing diagnostic or therapeutic method can you almost with 100% certainty avoid disorders. Never before in medicine has such a safe and in mainstream medicine proven (stem cell research at all universities) form of therapy showed such solid health maintenance.

By OHT at the same time the body is also detoxified twice a year. Through OHT twice a year the patients has the best, cheapest and safest investment in keeping healthy.

The magic word and the most important measure to keep healthy is detoxification as accumulated toxins damage all cell systems and are either directly or indirectly responsible for all illnesses.

OHT users will be pleased with long-lasting health.
In contradiction to our present medical care, this new therapeutic method which hinders the outbreak of illnesses, can give relief to the complete medical profession and additionally save incredible costs.

This new form of preventive medical care can be seen as a milestone and restructure medical care in the future.

I would like to confirm the success of OHT with the following patient treatment results to previous allegations.

Examples of case studies without pictures:

1. H.J.
In this case a 61 year old patient suffered from severe pain with redness and swelling of the upper orbita with pain breaching out. The patient‘s right eye was also itching due to conjunctivitis: an acute herpes zoster infection in the right orbita was diagnosed. IS

On the 29.3.2014 a valaciclovir therapy was started. After a 10-days treatment no success was seen. As a side effect the patient felt a deterioration of well being and collapsed, felt nauseous and had diarrhoea. On the 9.4.2014 the patient received 1 OHT therapy. After 3 days on the 12.4.2014- the patient was free of complaints.

2. B.K.
On the 30.3.2014 a 47 year old patient had a festering lesion the size of a pea on the right side of the tip of her tongue that caused a burning pain. The dermatologist diagnosed a morbus Behçet. After a 3 month cortisone therapy analgetica as well as antibiotics no improvement could be seen.

On the 30.6.2014 the patient received one OHT. After 48 hours on the 2.7.2014 the ulcer had healed completely and the patients didn‘t have any pain.

3. C.W.
The patient had burnt the left inner side of his under arm during a barbeque. Even after a surgical therapy the pilot had a 7×4 cm big, festering wound.
After 3 weeks of unsuccessful therapy the patient received an OHT on the 29.7.2014. After 36 hours the wound had shrunk from 7×4 cm to 4×2 cm and without any festering.

After another 12 hours, therefore 48 hours from the start of the therapy the wound had healed completely.

This quick healing reaction is seen in almost all my patients treated.

I have over two thousand examples that unfortunately I have not documented. In more than half of the patients the improvement and healing is only given through description of the symptoms.

Most Recent Personally Medical Scientific Knowledge:
Ozone High Dose Therapy (OHT) with Deafness and Tinnitus

The incidence of this illness is steadily increasing. Worldwide therapy is given with cortisone- and vitamin infusions. Very seldom this illness is curable or improved. If after therapy the complaints remain, mainstream medicine has no possibility to cure tinnitus or deafness.

After the patient has received mainstream medical treatment, OHT treatment rarely brings success. The patients suffer for the rest of their life.

Through scientific observations and therapy tests, I have found the right steps to heal this illness:

The immediate administration of ozone high dose therapy (OHT) after the first symptoms will result in a definite healing.

If the patient receives within 8 hours after the disorder begins an OHT treatment, the audio disorders and tinnitus are totally cured. Only if therapy with OHT starts very promptly the dying of audio cells can be prevented.

Through the fast application of OHT deafness and tinnitus can be healed quickly. If treatment is given after 8 hours, the audio cells have already died and a restoration is not possible any more. Therefore an OHT is needed within 8 hours of deafness or tinnitus. With an immediate implementation of OHT I have discovered a therapy method, able to heal this illness in a short period of time for the first time in history.

I would like to distribute and spread this new medical scientific knowledge that can save patients a life long suffering as well as drastically reduce expensive treatment costs. This rescuing measure and knowledge should be passed on to all and in time of need the right therapy can be given. This revolutionary therapy discovery is almost always successful if the patient is treated within 8 hours.

The costs of medical care presently exceed all reasonable terms. The explosion of costs could be quickly kept in bounds through ozone high dose therapy.

For example: one pre-operative as well as one post-operative OHT can help with organ and abdominal wall wound healing by a half of the time of being hospitalized as well as minimize and prevent reoccurring post-operative infections.

The same savings can be seen with all acute and chronic infections as well as therapy resistant illnesses.

The speed of healing through OHT, explains the existing dogmas of the medical healing process as invalid. Through OHT a quick healing process is given as by intravenous administration of stem cells.

I cannot yet predict what impact this therapeutic insight will bring to surgical subjects as well as to the complete medical world. With OHT we are able to achieve fast and permanent healing with a cheap and easy to produce natural gas. As ozone is a biochemical therapeutic agent without side effects, its advantages will be a guaranteed form of therapy.

OHT has been developed by myself, a perfectly sound therapeutic method – that can be practically administered immediately. If OHT is used generally, a medical revolution will be the result.

These new findings and their practical implementation will also bring improvement in therapy-resistant cases.

OHT opened the gateway to a new world of medicine on the mitochondrial and stem cell pathway.

The following points make clear why no doubts can be made regarding OHT.

  • OHT is currently still a complementary medicine treatment
  • Due to mitochondrial activation and the stem cell effect attempts are made to make a connection from complementary medicine to conventional medicine
  • The used therapeutic agents ozone and oxygen have no side effects
  • OHT is almost always a successful therapy
  • OHT means a redesign of medicine
  • OHT meets the requirements of the doctors of tomorrow

OHT fulfils all medical requirements of future medicine
Almost always successful
Always without side effects